COGCC Flowline Regulation


ICI has supported clients with the implementation of new Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) flowline regulations. Projects included post- and pre-construction data gathering and gap analysis, development of O&M manuals and procedures, and internal audit support. ICI has also supported clients with the collection of the best quality Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specifications, allowing for efficient submission, review, and management of flowline integrity data.

Urban Pipeline Installation

ICI has experience with several urban pipeline installation projects. Support included managing the installation of valves and meter stations, pipeline commissioning, and closeout. One project included managing the installation of 8 miles of pipeline through an urban area, with 4 mainline valves, 13 regulator feeds, and 5 jack and bore segments.

PHMSA Inspection Support

ICI supported client with a four month PHMSA inspection during construction of 41 miles of crude oil pipeline in Colorado. Inspection included a review of procedures and records for all construction activities including stringing, welding, non-destructive testing, coating, backfilling, pressure testing, and horizontal directional drilling.

Data and Records Management

ICI has helped numerous clients with data and records management. ICI has evaluated construction and compliance records and record keeping systems, identifying gaps, and making recommendations to efficiently meet regulatory and company requirements. ICI has gathered, scanned and organized critical records such as mill test reports, as-built drawings, pressure test records, field notes, and repair data. Pipeline records are essential for compliance and day-to-day operational needs. We can help your company develop a good record keeping structure as well as gather and analyze data, scan, classify, and file critical records to make them accessible for easy retrieval through shared drives.

PHMSA Training

ICI has extensive compliance experience, and has provided compliance training for project managers, engineers, construction employees, and field employees. The pipeline compliance training covers:

  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) procedures and forms

  • Operator Qualification (OQ)

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Drug & Alcohol Programs

  • Control Room Management

  • Public Awareness

  • Integrity Management

  • Records Management  

Standard Operating Procedure Development

ICI has developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for clients that comply with Process Safety Management (PSM) and PHMSA 49 CFR Part 192 and 195 regulations. All modes of process operation were addressed, including:

  • Initial startup 

  • Emergency shutdown (ESD) and operations

  • Normal operations

  • Normal shutdown

  • Temporary operations 

  • Startup following a normal or emergency shutdown or a major change that requires a hazard review

Transmission Line Replacement

ICI is currently managing a natural gas pipeline replacement project which involves installation of 50 miles of new pipe through urban and open areas in San Diego County, California.